MNYPAA Elected Positions

Created 11/8/11

  • Chair

Coordinates elections of subcommittee chairpersons

Prepares agendas for Host Committee meetings; facilitates these meetings 

Writes notes of appreciation to speakers before and after the conference 

Keeps close check on all phases of planning and progress

Participates on individual subcommittees

Is one of the signatures on all bank accounts for the Host Committee

Allowed to vote at Host Committee meetings only in the event of a tie

  • Co-Chair

In the absence of the Chairperson, shall accept the full responsibilities and duties of the

Is one of the signatures of all bank accounts for the Host Committee 

Participates on individual subcommittees

  • Treasurer


 One of the post office key holders (i.e. PO Box Co-Chairperson) 

Opens Host Committee checking account with a 2 signature minimum requirement for
each check written (one signature from Treasurer and one from either the Chairperson
or Co-Chairperson) 

Pays all expenses and bills – every expense needs to be approved by the Host

Prepares a financial report for each Host Committee meeting 

Brings all necessary financial information to every Host Committee meeting (checkbook,
bank statements, etc) 

Is prepared to accept money and disburse payments at all Host Committee meetings
and events. No reimbursement from host committee will be made without a receipts

Prepares a Conference Budget in order to determine a suitable registration price; this
will need to cover all the expenses required during the conference. This price will be based on information provided by the Hotel Chairperson, Program Chairperson, Events During Chairperson, and Registration Chairperson

Personally responsible for making money drops with the Registration Chairperson during the conference every 2-3 hours during the time the Registration Desk is open

 Prepares a final financial statement within sixty days after the close of the conference

  • Co-Treasuer


One of the PO BOX key holders

One of the signatures on the bank account

In the absence of the treasurer should accept and implement the full duties of the treasurer

  • Secretary

In charge of keeping contact information for all Host Committee members; updating
information as needed and disbursing updated information

Keeps attendance records for all Host Committee meetings 

Takes minutes at each Host Committee meeting, also retains past meeting minutes and
makes them available at each Host Committee meeting

Sends copies of meeting minutes and meeting agendas to Advisory Council 

    Handles all correspondence

  • Outreach

Responsible for all aspects of spreading the word about your upcoming conference 

Coordinates meeting raids throughout the ENTIRE STATE

Coordinates raids to other conferences and AA events both in and out of state

  • Hotel

Responsible for seeking hotel contracts in Host Committee’s area

Works with hotel staff to ensure the best possible pricing for the conference      

Coordinates with Advisory regarding hotel contract

Responsible for signing hotel contract with a member of Advisory’s Council Chairperson. 

Schedules all hotel walkthroughs and any other hotel business required by other Host
Committee members

Provides Treasurer with a complete budget for all hotel expenses by the deadline set by
the Treasurer

Remains the liaison between Hotel and Host Committee throughout the entire

Coordinates with hotel staff to arrange specific set-ups for al-cathon/panel rooms,
banquet rooms, hospitality suites, literature rooms, and registration desk

Has the authority to sign tabs for coffee fills for each coffee station and to set the timing
and amount of refills throughout the conference

Keeps hotel staff informed of attendance throughout conference

Makes sure that any special needs that can be foreseen can be met by the hotel, wheelchair accessibility, service animals, etc. 

  • Registration

Maintains a running record of registrations by category (AA, Al-Anon, Ala-teen); numbers for each category need to be kept separate 

Responsible for planning any registration fliers. Fliers need to have a box for attendants to check if they would like their address information passed on to future Host Committees 

Prepares Registration Packets with name badges, program, and other
conference items 

Staffs Registration Desk during open hours at the conference

Coordinates with Treasurer to make money drops at the conference

  • Events Before

Responsible for forming a subcommittee and running this committee as Chairperson

Responsible for the planning and execution of all functions and events that are held prior to the conference 

Contacts all Bid Committees throughout state to help them plan one event in their respective cities

Responsible for planning events inside and outside of Host City (help spread the word of MNYPAA to those who have never heard of us) 

Responsible for assisting in the planning of the All Minnesota State Young People’s Open

 Remember that these events are not just fundraisers, they help to promote unity and carry the messages

  • Events During

Responsible for securing a DJ for both the All Minnesota State Young People’s Open and for the conference

In charge of coordinating all non AA events that are to take place at the conference

Responsible for planning and arranging decorations for any events, including the Saturday Night Dance/≥≤

Coordinates with Hotel Chairperson to secure rooms and/or areas for events 

Coordinates with Program Chairperson to list all events in the Program of Events 

Provides Treasurer with a complete budget of expenses for all events during the
conference by the deadline set by the Treasurer 

  • Graphics/printing/Webmaster

Responsible for making fliers for events before the conference and making copies of the fliers 

Distributes fliers to Host Committee members so that they may hand them out at meetings in the area 

Responsible for emailing fliers to Advisory Webmaster and any other emails from mailing list (please send fliers in a format that is not readily edited – jpeg, pdf, etc) 

Maintain host committee webpage

Responsible for creating yearly conference banner

  • Program

Responsible for lining up speakers, should have alternate speakers in case of an emergency

 Responsible for designing the topics and formats of Al-Cathons and panels

Needs to schedule Chairpersons for each of these meetings

Consults with other Sub-committee Chairpersons to arrange the Program format –
includes Al-Anon and Al-Ateen, if applicable

Arranges for all recording at the conference

Obtains an interpreter for any hearing-impaired individuals attending the main speaker
meetings; coordinates the seating of hearing-impaired individuals at these meetings

Assembles the Program of Events by the deadline set by the graphics/printing/webmaster Chairperson; needs to be prepared for changes up until the deadline

  • Security

Be responsible for the hanging and the well being of conference banner

Responsible for arranging volunteers for security at the conference and all events prior

 Coordinates with the Hotel Chairperson to see that all hotel rules and regulations are known and followed

See that each person on security has some identification indicating that they are security, while on duty

  • Archives/Literature/Displays

Responsible for working with Hotel Chairperson to designate a Literature and Archives room

Responsible for having World Conference approved literature available for sale at conference

Coordinates with General Service Chair to involve Inner group and Grapevine with literature, where applicable  

Contacts Advisory Archives Chairperson to obtain all the displays necessary for the Archives room

Obtains items to donate to the Archives display

  • Hospitality

Finds volunteers to staff the Hospitality Suite during the conference

Invites Bid Committees and any other groups to host their own Hospitality
Suites at the conference; coordinates with Hotel Chairperson to arrange for these rooms 

In charge of obtaining donations of food items for the Host Committee Hospitality Suite

Coordinates with Program Chairperson to list the Hospitality Suite’s hours 

Acts as the liaison between the Host Committee and groups hosting Hospitality Suites 

Staffs designated areas with greeters during conference, greeters need to be able to
answer questions and give directions to different conference areas/rooms in addition to greeting attendees – greeters should have a ribbon or other kind of identification so attendees can easily identify them 

Responsible for reserving and coordinating of MNYPAA hospitality suites at other conferences 

  • Merchandise

Needs to solicit and accept all ideas for the conference emblem and artwork 

Responsible for arranging the printing of all items 

Host Committee will vote on whether or not printed items other than T-Shirts are feasible 

Needs to have all merchandise available at events prior to the conference and at the Registration desk during the conference 

Provides Treasurer with a completed budget of Registration Packets expenses by the
deadline set by Treasurer

  • General Service Chair

Act as liaison between host committee and local Area, District and Intergroup

Make sure that local entities receive all information on the conference and upcoming events

Maintain a consistent MNYPAA presence at all Area, District and Intergroup meetings

Coordinates with local entities in having a presence at the conference

  • Food and Beverage Chair

Coordinates food and beverage needs for all pre conference events

Provides Treasurer with a complete budget of food and beverage expenses by the
deadline set by Treasurer

Responsible for the delivering and storing of all items