MNYPAA Bidding Requirements

1. We strongly encourage members of all ages to participate; however, we do ask that each committee have at least three members who have one or more years of sobriety.

2. Bid cities must have commitments from at least two hotels including dates showing availability of speaking rooms in the hotels, and proof that the hotels require no commitment as to the number of people attending.

3. Supply a list of any large-scale AA activities that are scheduled near the proposed conference dates in an effort to demonstrate due diligence of avoiding conflicts with other events.

4. Bid cities must provide a statement of support from the AA area chairperson and intergroup secretary.

5. Bid cities will be required to provide financial records from all committee activities, demonstrating financial autonomy and responsibility within the spirit of AA’s Twelve Traditions.

6. Bid cities must notify Advisory Council 30 days prior (Completed February 23, 2016) to conference with their intent to bid.

7. Bid cities must present their bid to the Advisory Council at the Saturday morning bid session in 30 minutes or less.

8. Bidders must provide a concise, written statement illustrating the need for this conference in their area.

9. Bid cities must have available a temporary pre-registration flyer. Do not include conference dates or hotel info.

10. Bid cities are to provide 12 complete copies of the above stated bid requirements to the Advisory Council Chairperson after the Friday night speaker of the Conference. All bids will be considered.
11. Prospective bidders must read, understand and be prepared to agree with the requirements as written in the Host Committee Responsibilities.