Metro Area Young Peoples Meetings

MONDAY: “Last Call”- Sahara Club, 8:00pm

TUESDAY: “Young at Heart”- New Hope Alano, 7:00pm

“Turning Point YP”- Fridley Alano, 7:30pm

WEDNESDAY: “Students of Life (SOL)”- Dayton Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, 8:30pm

“YP Big Book”- Bloomington Groups; 2062 W. 98th St, Bloomington 7:00pm

THURSDAY: “Thursday Candlelight”- Suburban North Alano, Maple Grove, 8:00pm

“Last Call”- 2218 1st Ave. S, Minneapolis, 9:30pm

FRIDAY: “Squad 29 8:08 YP”- Blaine Alano, 8:00pm

“Point and Shoot”- Uptown House, St. Paul, 10:00pm

Recovery in Progress”- 1500 Franklin Ave SE, Minneapolis 8:00pm

SATURDAY: “Candlelight Uptown”- Uptown House, St. Paul, 10:00pm

SUNDAY: “Sunday YP”- Bloomington Groups; 2062 W. 98th St, Bloomington 6:30pm

“Hazelden YP”- HCYF Plymouth, 7:00pm

Popular West Metro Meetings

MONDAY:  “Tradition 5”- Valley of Peace Lutheran Church, 4735 Bassett Creek Dr, Minneapolis, 7:30pm

TUESDAY:  “Tuesday Night Grace”- Grace Trinity Community Church, Minneapolis, 7:30pm

“Common Solution” (Women)- Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church, Golden Valley, 7:00pm

WEDNESDAY:  “It Might Have Been Worse”- St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Minnetonka, 7:00pm

THURSDAY: “Foxhall Chapter 7”- Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie, 7:30 pm

FRIDAY:  “Three Legacies”- Cross of Glory Church, Hopkins, 7:30 pm

SATURDAY:  “Saturday Night Live”- The Basilica, Minneapolis, 7:30pm

SUNDAY:  “SLPSNAAG”- Union Congregational Church, St. Louis Park, 7:30pm