Host Committee Requirements

Per, not necessarily Host Committee Guidelines, which is a dead link

  • A Bid Committee that has been awarded the conference should consider itself an interim host committee until host committee elections are held. Schedule an election meeting for one month in the future and distribute fliers (make sure Advisory gets a copy so that they may attend and assist with elections).

  • At the election meeting, principle officers (chairperson, co-chairperson, treasurer, and secretary) and committee heads will be elected by those present at the meeting. (see Host Committee Job Descriptions pages _-_ for more information).

  • The Host Committee should be directly involved with any activity that will generate funds for the conference.

  • All fliers for events need to be sent out at least one month prior; please forward all fliers to Advisory’s Webmaster so that they may be included on our website.

  • Any and all purchases and expenses of MNYPAA funds, needs to be approved by the Host Committee.

  • The Host Committee is required to maintain a PO Box AFTER the conference until ALL conference business is completed.

  • The Host Committee has thirty days after the end of the conference to forward a financial statement and all proceeds to the Advisory Council Treasurer by means of a cashier’s check.

  • The Host Committee needs to make every effort to carry the message of MNYPAA throughout the entire state.

  • The Host Committee will hold the All Minnesota Young People’s Open. This event would have to be held approximately one month prior to the conference, at the location where the conference is planned.